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The blazer has made its big leap becoming a must have of any woman's wardrobe: reinventing itself, of course.

Blazers are marked by the casual look it brings, as well as a refined style. However, if you know how to combine it, the "casual" label loses a bit of meaning, as you'll be able to bring out many different looks with just one garment.

A garment that has been rampaging since the end of the year and is undoubtedly the most popular trend of recent times. But how do you dress with it?

Styles and ways to combine a blazer

If there is one thing that characterizes the blazer is that it is a very versatile piece of clothing: it combines with everything and you can play a lot with it, whether what you want to achieve is a more street style or if it is more formal or elegant. There are different ways to combine it, and here's how.

Casual, but stylish: checkered fashion

The checkered blazer is, par excellence, the most sought after by all fashion lovers, although there are many more colors: from fluorescent tones to the most classic and timeless, black.

The casual style is the most versatile and fun of them all. In this case you have a lot of options to innovate in your day to day. So, one of these combinations is the non-combination, as the new jacket becomes a dress: very trend and youthful if you accompany it short dress.

The oversize fashion is very demanded nowadays, that's why blazers don't have to come well fitted, now you can wear a much more daring style and stop worrying about if your size doesn't fit. Give a chance to the extra sizes!

Another way to wear it is to adjust it with a belt: this offers greater versatility to the garment, since you can wear it with tights, jeans or a skirt. 

Give personality to the boring

Leave the boring looks at home and go to work with a stylish blazer. Combine this garment with a shirt and tie, matching trousers or a tubular skirt.

Play with various colors or continue with the monochrome, but if you doubt, the black will never fail you, and if you want to risk a little more, opt for the black blazer with short sleeves and folds. Or go to the office with a full white print suit look with small black leaves and flowers. There'll be no one like you!

Look elegant in a blazer

Have you considered attending a special event with a blazer? If not, the following ideas may change your mind.

The outfits are always a very good choice: combine with a blazer and trousers of the same fabric and same shade, or with a skirt. Neutral colors or brighter colors, buy several blazers and combine them with dark pants, light, shorts or long: with a look like this you can not miss.


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